Fullerene nanoparticles

The extraordinary, versatile qualities of fullerene nanoparticles make them suitable for a variety of applications, including medicine, cosmetics, organic photovoltaics, industrial production and much more. What’s more, the extensive and ongoing research in this field constantly yields new results and also holds many promises for the future. We are proud to be a part of […]

PCBM, a fullerene derivative that revolutionised photovoltaics

The chemical properties of fullerene materials such as PCBM make them an exceptional tool with versatile uses. It is fullerene and its derivatives that stand at the forefront of scientific discovery in photovoltaics and organic electronics in general. What’s more, the market speaks for itself. There is a steadily growing stream of customers eager to […]

Properties of Fullerenes – What Are They?

What are the properties of Fullerenes? We can start with their simple description. Fullerene is a molecule of Carbon. The shape of the molecule can be in the form of a hollow sphere, ellipsoid, tube, and many other shapes. The first fullerene molecule was produced in 1985 by these scientists; Richard Smalley, Robert Curl, James […]

Fullerene Uses – The Comprehensive Overview

Despite their unusual name and their relatively short time on the research scene, there are many possible fullerene uses. These so called carbon allotropes (as well as graphite, graphene and diamond known to date) consist of carbon molecules in the form of various shapes as hollow sphere, tube or ellipsoid. This fact made them very […]


For some, science can be boring, lacking emotions and adrenalin, but for the others it is an exciting journey, which can lead to the discovery of fullerene nanotechnology. The scientists are on the quest with uncertain results as their findings do not need to be accepted easily. It is not an easy occupation, but a […]

Buckminsterfullerene Structure – The Most Symmetric Molecule

Buckminsterfullerene structure has many outstanding properties, but one of the most striking is its symmetry. To be accurate there are 120 symmetry operations. In other words it means rotations around the axis and reflections in the plane. And because C60 molecule can show the highest amount of symmetry operations, it is the most symmetric one. […]

C60 Fullerene Structure

C60 fullerene structure attracts the attention of scientists for some decades now. It was clear that the discovery of fullerenes was a massive breakthrough in the field of nanotechnology as these extraordinary allotropes of carbon have a unique structure that makes them a perfect nanomaterial with many possible applications. Richard Smalley, one of the trio […]

Buckminsterfullerene Definition

If you think the buckminsterfullerene definition is going to be boring, you are absolutely wrong. This exciting molecule is one of the greatest discoveries of the 20th century. It opens the door to so many possible applications that it certainly deserves your attention. There are numerous ongoing scientific researches to unfold the full potential of […]

C₆₀ BuckminsterFullerene Is One of the Biggest Discoveries of 20th Century. Here Are the Most Important Facts You Have to Know!

C₆₀ BuckminsterFullerene is a molecule with almost limitless number of possible applications. That is not an exaggeration. This is a fact. Although it was discovered by a complete coincidence, soon it was clear that this molecule is truly special. Its perfect symmetry and exceptional chemical and physical properties attracted the attention of the whole scientific […]

Applications of fullerenes – Everything you want to know about the current applications of one amazing substance

Are the applications of fullerenes really so wide, interesting, unique and useful? There is a description of relatively new carbon molecule in this article, its actual application in various branches and potential. This molecule evince special properties that can influence industry, scientific research, give new possibilities to treating serious diseases, etc. Maybe you will make […]

Fullerene Hybridization Is More Complex Than You Think

Fullerene hybridization, bonding type and electronic structure of buckyball are the subjects of many ongoing researches. Buckminsterfullerene shows absolutely amazing physical and chemical properties that could be used for many possible applications. In this article you will learn more elaborate facts about fullerene hybridization and therefore gain a better understanding of this topic. Be a […]

Fullerene Soot – An Inconspicuous Powdery Substance with a Precious Content

Fullerene soot is absolutely essential part of fullerene production; there is no doubt about that. Actually its synthesis by the arc method is a common way how to produce fullerenes in gram-sized quantities in laboratories. From today’s perspective it looks pretty simple, but in the beginning it was a hard nut to crack. The nanotechnology […]

P3HT PCBM – In Quest of Low Cost Sources of Renewable Energy

P3HT PCBM is the most researched polymer blend materials in the world. The polymer solar cells (PSCs) have been in the spotlight of the photovoltaic community for the last twenty years. And there is a reason for it. A growing concern about global warming and also the fact that we are running out of the […]

Graphene Cost – Changes and Influence

Ever since its discovery in 2004 a lot of research has been devoted to graphene and therefore the graphene costs changes a lot. Nowadays it is considered as one of the most promising materials that will eventually replace other materials like silicon or ITO and thus allowing us to advance our current technologies in a revolutionary manner. At the […]

Buy Graphene & other High Quality Products

If you are interested in buying Graphene, in our offer you can find a variety of products involving not just high-purity Graphene nanopowder but also Fullerens, Nanotubes or Nanodiamonds and other. We prepare our Graphene nanopowder using a unique procedure at involves using a low temperature physical exfoliation of natural graphite in deionized water. This method allows us to get almost pure material while not […]

Graphene Uses – Past, Present & Future

The many graphene uses continue to excite both the practical and future-oriented communities ever since the material’s accidental discovery in 2004. What is it? Graphene draws attention by its very physical configuration. It is a single atom-thick surface of honeycomb-arranged carbon atoms. Owing to its negligible thickness, it is often described as a 2-D material. The unique configuration […]

Graphene Production Explained

The First Steps Before we examine graphene production and all the related processes, it is beneficial to briefly touch on the unusual properties of graphene. Graphene is a two-dimensional sheet of carbon atoms. The atoms are arranged in hexagonal lattices, like benzene rings, and since the layer is just one atom-thick, the actual thickness of the atoms is […]

Graphene Conductivity – The Biggest Benefit of the Future Super-material

Before we take a look at graphene conductivity, it’s worth it to note why it is such an important topic. Ever since graphene’s Nobel Prize-winning discovery in 2004, the combination of research and race to translate its highly unusual properties into practice has revealed many promising applications. It is superconductive, biocompatible, flexible, and operates well even […]

Graphene supercapacitor - replacement for chemical batteries?

Graphene supercapacitor is one of the potential replacements of chemical batteries. While the thought of capacitors eventually replacing chemical batteries is not new, the up-and-coming super-material, graphene, may have been the necessary development theoretically allowing for the substitution to happen. What is a capacitor? A capacitor comprises two metal sheets separated by an insulator. As it is charged, […]

Graphene structure explained

Graphene structure is one of the most interesting aspects of the new, carbon-based addition into super-materials. So how is graphene structured? Graphene is a one atom-thick layer of carbon atoms and since it’s one atom-thick, each sheet of graphene can be considered a single molecule. The atoms form the hexagonal shapes of benzene rings and are bound together […]

Graphene stock - an investment possibility

There are many interesting possibilities for investment and one of them is graphene stock. Graphene as such is a new super-material based on carbon. It consists of a single, one atom-thick layer of carbon atoms in a hexagonal arrangement (like benzene rings). Its properties range from extreme durability, flexibility, and conductivity to transparency and biocompatibility. So the question […]

Graphene semiconductor - modified from a superconductor

Since graphene’s first synthesization in 2004, the development of a graphene semiconductor has been a goal of the scientific community. At first, it is sensible to take a step back and examine graphene as such. Graphene is a newly discovered super-material. Its (accidental) discovery – which earned each of the scientists a Nobel Prize – may be […]

Graphene oxide - what is it?

Graphene oxide is a form of a new super-material called graphene. Graphene as such is a one atom-thick layer of carbon oxides organized into a hexagonal lattice of benzene rings. The unique seemingly two-dimensional structure gives it a rather unusual set of properties – extreme durability, flexibility, insolubility, and conductivity. What’s the difference between graphene and graphene oxide? Graphene […]

Graphene battery - beyond lithium-ion, lead-acid or NiCd

Graphene battery is a new type of battery that’s being developed and it may serve to substitute various kinds of batteries in many different applications. The industry uses to lead, lithium or nickel batteries however may soon need to get acquainted with battery graphene as a material. The interest stirred by this potential technology can be well demonstrated […]

Graphene aerogel - seven times lighter than air

The concept of aerogels was introduced in the 1930’s and graphene aerogel, or aerographene for short, is the newest addition thereto. It is seven times lighter than air and can be balanced on flowers or grass. What is an aerogel? An aerogel is usually produced by the sol-gel method. A solid polymer is dissolved to form a gel. […]


A lot has already been written about graphene, however what most likely makes it the candidate for the future super-material are its physical properties. It’s about 200-times stronger than steel, flexible, transparent and conducts electricity. Furthermore, looking beyond its intrinsic properties, it is the basis of other important materials, such as fullerenes. Even now, graphene technology is one […]