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If you are interested in buying Graphene, in our offer you can find a variety of products involving not just high-purity Graphene nanopowder but also Fullerens, Nanotubes or Nanodiamonds and other.

We prepare our Graphene nanopowder using a unique procedure at involves using a low temperature physical exfoliation of natural graphite in deionized water. This method allows us to get almost pure material while not producing any byproducts. The purity of our Graphene nanopowder – that means the carbon content - is more than 99,6%. We also do not use any oxidizers or surfactants; therefore, our Graphene powder is almost free of any impurities which makes it suitable for a variety of uses.

Our Graphene nanopowder can be used in different ways. Due to its unique nanoscale size, two-dimensional shape and flexible structure Graphene nanopowder can be applied to improve properties of a wide range of polymeric materials, natural or synthetic rubber, adhesives, paints, lacquers and coatings. Graphene nanopowder can improve composites tensile strength, stiffness, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and anti-static electricity properties.

The application of Graphene nanopowder as an additive to different composites show striking improvements which include better electrical and thermal conductivity, hardness, strength, viscosity and many other. For example, the addition of our nanopowder in proportion of a few hundredths makes polymers and composites almost 100 % stronger!

Other examples involve using Graphene nanopowder in Li-ion batteries where it can improve its energy density by introducing Graphene nanopowder to the battery’s anode increasing its electrical conductivity to achieve better optimization and performance.

Other famous use of Graphene nanopowder is in optoelectronics where in was shown to have promising potentials specifically in touchscreens, LCD display or OLEDs. The great advantage of graphene is that it is almost completely transparent, so it is able to optically transmit up to 97% of light!

The characteristics of our Graphene nanopowder are 99,6% carbon content, thickness which is less than 3 nm and bulk density 120 kg/mthat makes graphene bought from us to be among the highest quality nanomaterials on the market.

Buy Graphene – MST Modern Synthesis Technology

We offer our Graphene nanopowder in various amounts ranging from 1 to over 1000 grams. The total quantity of the graphene purchased from us influences the cost per gram. For example, if you buy 10 grams of Graphene nanopowder, the price is 150€ per gram. But if you want to buy 100 grams, the price will be 130€ per gram which makes it more cost effective to buy our nanopowder in bigger amounts depending on your own requirements.

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