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Why you should buy copper nanoparticles produced by our company? We provide not only products of the exceptional quality, but also complex and convenient services. Our company employs prominent scientists with minimum 7 years of experience in the field of scientific research. They also have authorships and co-authorships of various international articles and patents. Professional team and close cooperation with our partners and suppliers and also no need for any intermediaries allow us to produce top quality nano products for very reasonable prices.


Buy copper nanoparticles, the essential material for the future nano devices

We prepare the copper nanoparticles by the chemical reduction method. Their size is 7 ± 3 nm, but the size can range from 2 – 40 nm upon your request. Its concentration is up to 5 mM; 300 ppm and monodispersing of 85 %.

Copper nanoparticles are in the spotlight for the scientists as they believe they will be used as the essential material for the future Nano devices. Copper has an excellent electrical conductivity, catalytic behavior and also good compatibility while the costs are relatively low.

Copper nanoparticles are used in the following areas:

  • Electronics – As a substitute for very costly noble metals in printed electronics, displays and trans missive, conductive thin film applications
  • Disinfectants – As components of plastic coatings and textiles, they act as anti-biotic, anti-microbial and anti-fungal agents.  
  • Catalysis – Used as an efficient catalyst for chemical reactions and also for the synthesis of methanol and glycol
  • Households chemicals
  • Polymer Industry
  • Cosmetics
  • Optics
  • Paints and Lacquers


Buy Colloidal Copper - Nano Fluid with Novel Properties

The copper nanoparticles can be stabilized either in organic or inorganic solvent.


Where to buy Colloidal Copper Nanoparticles in Organic Solvent?

We use isooctane as a solvent and Aerosol OT (Dioctyl Sodium Sulphosuccinate) as a stabilizer. We can tailor their size within the range of 5-25 nm upon your request and they remain stable for longer time.

The nanoparticles in the organic solvent are used as industrial applications, for the introduction of the complex organic system or polymer matrices

The Copper Nanoparticles in Inorganic Solvent:

The water is a solvent and Aerosol OT (Dioctyl Sodium Sulphosuccinate) is a stabilizer. The nanoparticles in aqueous solution can be used in biomedicine or as a production component of goods for households.


Copper Nanoparticles for Sale – Multi-purpose Nanomaterial for Relatively Low Costs

Copper is widely used nowadays and the copper nanoparticles are sought for their exceptional properties such as excellent electrical conductivity, catalytic behavior, compatibility and surface enhanced Raman scattering activity. Nevertheless, the costs remain relatively low.


Copper Nanoparticles – Buy Multi-purpose Product

The copper nanoparticles are undoubtedly exceptional nanomaterials with novel properties with bright future ahead as an essential material for Nano devices.

There are already many fields benefiting from their extraordinary chemical and physical properties. They can find use in household chemicals, in polymer industry, catalysis, optics, cosmetics, paint and lacquer, electronics or as disinfectants.


Copper Nanoparticles – Price of an Outstanding Nanomaterial

The copper nanoparticles are nanomaterials with a huge potential. There is an ongoing research to discover more about this outstanding material and its properties.

We are offering high quality products backed up with professional and experienced team for very competitive prices.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a price quotation or any further information.



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