Buy Diamond Paste from us

There are many reasons why you should buy diamond paste produced by our company.

  • The quality is our main objective. We work hard to provide top quality products for very reasonable prices.
  • When you choose our company, you can expect complex and professional services (R&D, consultation and report on contractual basis, pre-planning and final outcomes written evaluations).
  • Our team members are prominent scientists with not less than 7 years of experience in the research field. They are authors or co-authors of various international articles and they are granted by several patents.
  • We will approach your requests individually and will be happy to assist you through the process.
  • Our nanodiamond thermal grease is highly competitive for its unique chemical and physical properties.


Buy Diamond Paste – Easy-to-use and on High Demand

The Nanodiamond thermal paste is used in microprocessors, transistors, diodes and rectifiers. These fields have huge potential and represents strong demand force.

MST Nanodiamond thermal paste significantly improves the heat exchange and increases the durability and reliability of electronics. The density of our product is 1.2 g / cm3 and can be used within this temperature scale: -40 / +185 оC.

The paste is available as a packing of 10 syringes of 10 ml or as a plastic jar of 1 litre.


You Can Benefit from These Advantages:

  • The paste is very stable and has no oxidants, silicon, metal or oxides.
  • It is easy-to-use and disposal.
  • Exceptional thixotropy.
  • It has low thermal and high electrical resistance, low specific weight and low consumption.
  • Good adhesion to these materials: Silicon, copper and aluminium surfaces.
  • And formation of a low homogeneous layer.


Where to Buy Diamond Paste?

You can buy MST diamond thermal grease produced by our nanomaterials company directly from us. We are young and ambitious company, who strives for the best quality products and never stops to innovate in order to keep track with the leading companies in the nanomaterial industry. The fact that in 2016 our products were amongst TOP 15 in the Russian Federation proves our determination and commitment. We believe nanomaterials are the materials of the future and we are part of the technological revolution.

Our team consists of skilled and experienced scientists; therefore our nanomaterials are innovative and highly competitive in the market. In order to achieve best results and deliver high quality products we know the close cooperation with our suppliers, trading corporations and manufacturers is a must. Our relationship is based on mutual trust and reliance. There is also no need for any intermediaries. Therefore the price is very reasonable. If you want your project to be cost effective, our company is the right choice.


Diamond Paste – Where to Buy It? At Modern Synthesis Technologies!

We are confident that our product, nanodiamond thermal grease, has highly competitive advantages. Our company has two branches and their strategic locations make us strong competitors on the global market. The first branch is in Russia, the headquarters is located in Saint-Petersburg, and it covers the Russian, but also Asian market. The second European branch is situated in Latvia with a headquarters in Riga. This branch serves the European market including the countries from the European Union.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. We are ready to assist you.


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