Nano Diamond Compound

  • We produce high quality Nano diamond compound that strongly improves the heat exchange and increases durability and reliability of the electronics and therefore has a great potential use in it.
  • Our prices are very competitive.
  • Our scientific team consists of professionals with minimum seven years of experience in the scientific research, therefore the quality of our products is guaranteed.
  • Your order can be placed easily by contacting our agents.
  • We have two branches that cover European and Russian markets.
  • Available in two types of packing: 10 syringes of 10 ml or as a plastic jar of 1 l.


Buy our Nano Diamond Compound of High Quality and Great Potential

It is clear nanomaterials are the materials of the future. Their chemical and physical properties offer many possible applications.

MST Nanodiamond compound are used in microprocessors, diodes, transistors and rectifiers.

Our goods were among Top 15 nano-products in Russian Federation in 2016.

Choose the proven quality!


Our Nano Diamond Thermal Paste Is Different Because:

  • It shows very high stability. It does not contain oxidants, oxides, metals or silicon.
  • It performs very good adhesion to metal (copper and aluminum specifically) and silicon.
  • Of its resistance: low thermal and high electrical.
  • It has low specific weight and consumption.
  • It forms very thin homogenous layer.
  • It has amazing thixotropy.
  • You can use and dispose it easily.


Purchase Our Easy-to-use Nano Diamond Thermal Compound

Its density is 1.2 g/cm³ and it has stable temperature range between -40/+185 °C. Therefore it is easier to spread. The application is smooth and even also thanks to our practical packing (syringes).


More Outstanding Facts about Diamond Based Thermal Paste

Although silver is the major component in the most popular thermal compounds, diamonds can be five times more thermally conductive.

And because it is also electrically insulating, it is usually used as an interface between the heat source and the heat sink in electronics.


Our Nano Diamond Thermal Grease means Protection for Your Electronics

You should know that the electronics are extremely sensitive especially to overheating.


  • Even 10 °C increase can cause damage.
  • Absolutely astonishing 65 % of the electronics failure is the result of continuous overheating.

MST Nanodiamond thermal grease is a perfect protection for your electronics. Do not risk and order yours now!


Our Diamond Paste is Effective and Affordable

We produce highly effective paste that stands out by its competitive properties and therefore is a reliable protection of your electronics.

Its properties and performance are definitely our main objective in order to produce highly competitive product. However it does not mean our paste is expensive.

We simply stick to our motto: “Quality is our strength, price is our advantage.”


Simply Try Our Nano Diamond Thermal Conductivity Compound

The main purpose of a thermal conductivity compound is to eliminate the air gaps and spaces and therefore maximize heat transfer. Choosing a good one, might be confusing though.

If you are looking for reliable thermal compound, our thermal paste is exactly what you are looking for.

Our MST diamond grease has extraordinary properties that make it strong competitor in the market.


We are very professional team, who requires at least seven years of experience in scientific research. This fact proves our dedication and guarantees quality of our production. Try our thermal conductivity compound to experience the difference.


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