Nano diamond powder for sale - mst-nd: nanodiamond powder of laser synthesis

We have high quality Nano diamond powder for sale. It was obtained by the unique technology using laser treatment of specially prepared targets containing carbon soot and hydrocarbons in liquid media.


It can be used in coatings, lapping and polishing applications and also as an additive in polymer industry. Very common is its use as an additive to lubricating oils in order to reduce friction between moving parts. There is also an ongoing research for new possible applications such as data storage or drug delivery in the body.



  • Average crystal size: 4-5 nm
  • Crystal lattice constant: 0.3567 nm
  • Pycnometric density: 3.25 - 3.4 g/cm³
  • Bulk weight: 0.4 - 0.7 g/cm³
  • Incombustible residue: less than 0.01 wt. %


MST-ND is free of the drawbacks of detonation Nano diamonds - metal and graphite impurities.


Nano Diamond Powder for Sale – Buy a very Promising Material

We, at Modern Synthesis Technologies, are a team of skilled and professional scientists and engineers, whose main goal is to manufacture internationally competitive nano products. We strive for perfection in finishing and innovations while the price is relatively low.

Kindly check the list and available packing below. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.



MST-DND-PcLyophobicPositive charge100 g
MST-DND-AlHydrophobicAlkylated100 g
MST-DND-HHydrophilicHydrogenated100 g
MST-DND-AmLyophilicAminated100 g
MST-DND-MfMagneticMetal free1g



MST-ND-SPSingle particles in water1.7 wt.% MST-ND, pH:3.5-4.510 ml
MST-DND-SPSingle particles in water1.7 wt.% DND, pH:3.5-4.550 ml
MST-W-5DWater slurry5 wt.% DND, pH as required1 liter
MST-Ac-5DAceton slurry5 wt.% DND highly dispersed120 ml / 1 liter
MST-IPA-5DIsopropyl alcohol slurry5 wt.% DND highly dispersed120 ml / 1 liter
MST-NMP-5DN-methyl-pyrrolidone5 wt.% DND highly dispersed120 ml / 1 liter

All slurries are prepared without surfactants.



MST-GelWater-based gelFor high-speed lapping1 kg
MST-LubAdditive to lubricating oilsDilution: 1/20200 ml / 1 liter
MST-LapOrganic based grease for lappingOil soluble/ water soluble1 kg
MST-Cu-PlastLubricant for copper forgingHigh performance1 liter
MST-AdgreaseAdditive to lubricating greasesDilution: 1/101 kg



MST-Cool-SiCoolant for dicingFor silicon wafers, dilution: 1/202 liters
MST-Cool-GlCoolant for dicingFor glass wafers, dilution: 1/202 liters
MST-PS-A2O3Polishing slurryFor sapphire wafers, dilution: 1/200.5 liter
MST-PP-SiPolishing pasteFor Si & SiC wafers1 kg
MST-PP-DiPolishing pasteFor diamond surfaces20 g
MST NanoTGThermal GreaseInsulating, density: 1.1 g/cm31 liter


Nanodiamonds for Sale - Current applications:

  • Lapping and polishing compositions (abrasives in pastes, gels, slurries for obtaining low-roughness surfaces)
  • Lubricants (oils and greases for engines, machine tools, gun barrels, friction pairs for wear-reducing and prolonging the shelf life of mechanisms)
  • Galvanic electrolytes (additives for improving the quality of coatings)
  • Polymers (additives for improving material characteristics)
  • Proteins (adsorbent for separation and purification)
  • Cosmetic products (additive for amplification of biological active agents and UV protection)
  • Explosives and solid propellants


Prospective Nano diamond applications:

  • Drug and gene delivery carrier
  • Biosensors
  • Advanced composites
  • Optical windows and filters
  • Optically transparent protective coatings
  • Photovoltaic cells
  • Heat spreaders for high-power laser diodes
  • Substrates for multi-chip modules
  • Field emission displays
  • Solar-blind UV and particles detectors
  • Quantum computer

Buy Nanodiamond Powder from our Award Winning Company

We are young and ambitious nanomaterial’s company, whose main objective is the quality of our products. Therefore we employ only experienced scientists with not less than 7 years of experience in the research field. Our team members are also authors and co-authors of various international articles and are granted patents. The hard work and dedication paid off as in 2016 our products were amongst TOP 15 in the Russian Federation.


Purchase Nanodiamonds – The Wonder of Nanoscience

In fact Nano diamonds are one of the most popular areas of research in Nano science. They have great potential to achieve some breakthroughs in the next few years. They could be a perfect means of fighting cancer, due to their small size and ability to enter the cell.  In combination with a drug, they could enter the cell and release the drug inside for a longer time period being so close to the source of the disease as never before.

This material has a bright future ahead.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about this exciting product. We are ready to assist you.


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