Nanomaterials Company

In an area of nanomaterials which is emerging with an enormous speed, we represent an enthusiastic and ambitious nanomaterials company. We are running a radical generation of innovation by offering a global supply of the most advanced nanomaterials that are setting in motion a modern industrial revolution that is starting to change the present-day world. Our company could offer you innovative engineering in the sphere of nanotechnology combining superior quality of our materials and personal approach path to our clientele. We desire that our label will be quickly on the top of nanomaterials industrial business. We are a group of experienced experts in the field of nanotechnology and we are on the same level with the leading companies on the marketplace. Because of our crucial preparations and innovative research and development we are retaining powerful challengers on the worldwide level.

Our company was founded in 2016 with an unmistakable vision: to explore in the field of material science, to evolve and offer the most solid, serviceable and flexible materials known all over the world as well as to supply a specialized consulting services to our clientele who is requesting some practical implementations. Because we are so young company we want to offer our clients products with the greatest quality and facility while securing the smallest possible prices in this business.

Modern Synthesis Technology (MST) is divided into two different subdivisions assuring its ability to be the top nanotechnology company worldwide. The first subdivision has its main office in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and concentrates mostly on carrying out business within Russian and Asian marketplace. The second subdivision is European and it has its main office in Riga, Latvia and runs business on the European marketplace with countries from European Union. Our products have rightfully the best position on the marketplace which was also demonstrated in 2016 when we received an award for our nanomaterial products and the products were included in Top 15 list of nano-products in Russian Federation.

Our MST products:


Cooperation with our nanomaterials company

MST is a Nanomaterials Research & Nanomaterials Production company and comprises of professionals and experienced technologist. MST has at least seven years of experience in the area of scientific knowledge and research with a concentration on material science. Employees of our company are publishers and co-publishers of superior articles in worldwide scientific journals and they also received various patents. Every single day we do our best in enhancing ourselves and to offer our clients the most professional expertise and personal consulting. Everything we do needs careful preparation to ensure the best possible outcomes.


Partnership and Unity

For our company is a very important and indispensable a close partnership with our trading collaborators who consist of our suppliers and industrial companies and manufacturers. Shared trust and reliance are the most important factors of our cooperation and we are doing our best to assure the two-sided satisfaction. Our R&D services are extremely enthusiastic on a global market and that is what makes our company exceptional so we are able to offer our clients the extraordinary quality nanomaterials for very reasonable prices.


Our Perspective

Our perspective is to turn our company into worldwide leading nanomaterials producer and to introduce to the world a new generation of advanced materials such as fullerenes, nanotubes, nanodiamonds and many more products. We are definitely innovators in the field of nanotechnology and nanomaterial so we are very pleased to supply you with the most modern technology that is going to become soon the main driving force on high-tech commercial market. Excellent quality of our nanomaterials in a combination with a personal approach to every single client and also good price of our products make MST the best option for your project. We are looking forward to join forces with you.