Colloidal Silver for Sale

We have high quality colloidal silver for sale. The silver nanoparticles are nanomaterials of unique optical, electrical and thermal properties. Therefore it is a multi-purpose material that is used in conductive inks, pastes and fillers. They are also used in the molecular diagnostics and photonic devices; very common is their use for antimicrobial coatings. We prepare the silver nanoparticles by the chemical reduction method and upon your request we can tailor the size in the range of 2 – 40 nm


Colloidal Silver for Sale – Possible Applications in Numerous Technologies

Our silver nanoparticles can be used in numerous technologies that benefit from their great electrical, thermal, optical and antibacterial properties

  • Conductive application – They are incorporated into composites which enhance the thermal and electrical conductivity and are also used in conductive inks.
  • Antibacterial application – Components of apparel, paints, wound dressing, footwear, appliances, cosmetics and plastics.
  • Diagnostic application – In biosensors and assays, where the nanoparticles can be used as biological tags for quantitative detection.
  • Optical application – Silver nanoparticles efficiently harvest the light. They are also used for enhanced optical spectroscopies.


Where to buy Colloidal Silver? Buy the Nanomaterial of a Great Potential from Us!

Our nanomaterials company produce top quality and innovative nanomaterials. The silver nanoparticles are multi-purpose products that have unique properties and great potential.



  • Catalysis – Silver nanoparticles showed catalytic redox properties for benzene, dyes, carbon monoxide and probably more compounds.
  • Household chemicals
  • Biological research – very promising applications in medicine. The scientists have explored that the silver nanoparticles can be used as carriers for delivering various payload of small drug molecules or large biomolecules to the specific target. It could provide high concentration of the drug on the desired target and therefore minimize the side effects of the treatment. (Chemotherapy, multi-drug resistance)
  • Optics – Silver nanoparticles are very efficient at absorbing and scattering light, their color depends on the size and shape of the particle.
  • Polymer industry – Polymer-based metal is a promising method for the application of biocide Nano metals.
  • Electronics – High conductivity
  • Paints and lacquer – The protection of surfaces against microbial, physical and chemical deteriorations.
  • Cosmetics – Silver nanoparticles can be used as preservatives.
  • Disinfectant


Are you still wondering, where to buy Colloidal Silver Nanoparticles? Buy High Quality Products from our Nano Company!

Modern Synthesis Technologies employs skilled and professional scientists of minimum 7 years of experience. Our team members are the authors and co-authors of various international articles and they are also granted several patents. Therefore we can provide you with one of the best products available in the market.

Our silver nanoparticles are very competitive for their extraordinary chemical and physical properties while their price is very reasonable.

5 ± 1 nmup to 1 mМ; 100 ppm85 %
9 ± 2 nmup to 5 mМ; 500 ppm85 %
17 ± 2 nmup to 15 mM; 1500 ppm85 %

Upon your requests we can tailor the size of the nanoparticles in the range of 2 – 40 nm.


Colloidal Silver – Purchase the Nanoparticles from a Trustworthy Company

We know that the only way how to deliver best products is a close cooperation with our partners. In order to provide complex and professional services we appreciate our relationship with suppliers, trading corporations and manufacturers as we believe mutual trust and reliance are the key to success


Buy Nano Silver from Us and Get Not Only the Product, but Also Complex Services

Our professional team can provide you with the following services

  • Wide range of research and development (R&D) services.
  • Individual approach and consultations, we can also provide you with a report on contractual basis.
  • Pre-planning and final outcomes written evaluations.
  • The services of prominent scientists and engineers.
  • Top quality product for very reasonable prices.


Silver Nanoparticles – Purchase an Extraordinary Material

You can buy a nanomaterial that has truly unique optical, conductive, thermal and anti-bacterial properties.  These nanoparticles have huge potential in numerous technologies and there are ongoing biological researches to discover new possible ways of application, for example in medicine (chemotherapy or multi-drug resistance etc.)

We can ensure you that our products are highly competitive and belong to the best in the market. In fact in 2016 our nano-products were amongst the TOP 15 in the Russian Federation


Wholesale Nano Silver Available at Our Company

MST can provide you with wholesale Nano silver which is available for very reasonable prices. There is no need for any intermediaries making the process easier and cost effective.

Our company is securing the competitive position in the global market by its strategic locations. We have two branches; first branch has its headquarters in Russia, Saint-Petersburg. This branch is dealing with Russian and Asian clients. The second branch is located in Latvia, Riga and covers European market, including the countries from the European Union.

If you choose to deal with our company, you can expect professional services and an individual approach


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information considering our silver nanoparticles or any other product from our range. We are ready to assist you


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