Diamond Paste Company – About Us

As Diamond Paste Company and suppliers of wide range of other nanomaterials, we are aware that this field is evolving very fast. Therefore we innovate and provide the most up-to-date nanomaterials. We are confident that our products are part of the new technological revolution which is going to change the world as we know it. Our team consists of very experienced scientists with at least 7 years of experience in the field of scientific research. They are authors and co-authors of articles in international journals and are granted with several patents.

We are a young, ambitious nanomaterials company that wants to become international leading producers and researchers of graphene, fullerene and other new generation high-tech nanomaterials. Our goal is to research, develop and supply materials of the best chemical and physical properties and provide our clients with complex and professional services


Diamond Paste Company – Why You Should Choose MST

Our diamond paste, the same as other products from our range is the result of our team's hard work. They strive to provide our clients with top quality, highly competitive products, but offered for very reasonable prices and backed up with exceptional customer services.

We know that only close cooperation with our trading partners, which includes our suppliers, industrial corporations and manufacturers, is the key to success. Our partnership is based on mutual trust and reliance and we always do our best for the bilateral satisfaction


If You Choose Our Company, We Will Provide You with the Following:

  •   Top quality product for very reasonable price.
  •   Wide range of R&D services.
  •   Development of strategies and compositions.
  •   Individual approach. Personal consultation and report on contractual basis.
  •   Our scientists have authorships and co-authorships of internationals articles and were granted with several patents.
  •   Pre-planning and final outcomes written evaluations.


Diamond Paste Manufacturers – The Strong Competitor on the International Level

Modern Synthesis Technologies (MST) is a strong competitor on the global scale market. We have two branches; the headquarters of the first one is located in Saint-Petersburg in Russia, this branch focuses primarily on the Russian and Asian market, while the second branch is situated in Riga, Latvia and supplies the European market including the countries from the European Union. Our hard work and determination paid off as our Nano products were amongst the TOP 15 in Russian Federation. This proves our nanomaterials are the best in the market. We aim to supply our clients with innovative products and never stop improving our services


What Are the Competitive Advantages of Our Diamond Paste

The MST paste has several chemical and physical properties, which distinguish it from the others. It significantly improves heat exchange and increases the endurance and reliability of electronics

  • It is easy to use and dispose.
  • It has low specific weight and low consumption.
  • Also good adhesion to silicon, copper and aluminum surfaces.
  • Low thermal and high electrical resistance.
  • Excellent thixotropy.
  • And it formats low thickness homogeneous layer.

These properties can find great use in the microprocessors, transistors, diodes and rectifiers.

We are the team of skilled professionals who keep up with the leading companies in the global market and we are ready to assist you with your possible inquiries.


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