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A lot has already been written about graphene, however what most likely makes it the candidate for the future super-material are its physical properties.

Graphene aerogel

Graphene aerogel - seven times lighter than air

The concept of aerogels was introduced in the 1930’s and graphene aerogel, or aerographene for short, is the newest addition thereto. It is seven times lighter than air and can be balanced on flowers or grass.

Graphene battery

Graphene battery - beyond lithium-ion, lead-acid or NiCd

Graphene battery is a new type of battery that’s being developed and it may serve to substitute various kinds of batteries in many different applications.

Graphene oxide

Graphene oxide - what is it?

Graphene oxide is a form of a new super-material called graphene. Graphene as such is a one atom-thick layer of carbon oxides organized into a hexagonal lattice of benzene rings.

Graphene semiconductor

Graphene semiconductor - modified from a superconductor

Since graphene’s first synthesization in 2004, the development of a graphene semiconductor has been a goal of the scientific community.

Graphene stock

Graphene stock - an investment possibility

There are many interesting possibilities for investment and one of them is graphene stock. Graphene as such is a new super-material based on carbon.

Graphene structure

Graphene structure explained

Graphene structure is one of the most interesting aspects of the new, carbon-based addition into super-materials.

Graphene supercapacitor

Graphene supercapacitor - replacement for chemical batteries?

Graphene supercapacitor is one of the potential replacements of chemical batteries. While the thought of capacitors eventually replacing chemical batteries is not new, the up-and-coming super-material, graphene, may have been the necessary development theoretically allowing for the substitution to happen.

Graphene stock

Graphene Conductivity – The Biggest Benefit of the Future Super-material

Ever since graphene’s Nobel Prize-winning discovery in 2004, the combination of research and race to translate its highly unusual properties into practice has revealed many promising applications. It is superconductive, biocompatible, flexible, and operates well even at nano-scales around 10 nm.

Graphene structure

Graphene Production Explained

Graphene is a two-dimensional sheet of carbon atoms. The atoms are arranged in hexagonal lattices, like benzene rings, and since the layer is just one atom-thick, the actual thickness of the atoms is for all purposes negligible.


Graphene Uses – Past, Present & Future

The many graphene uses continue to excite both the practical and future-oriented communities ever since the material’s accidental discovery in 2004.


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Graphene Cost – Changes and Influence

Ever since its discovery in 2004 a lot of research has been devoted to graphene and therefore the graphene costs changes a lot.