CVD graphene on PET film 100um

CAS#: 1034343-98-0

Graphene film obtained by CVD (chemical vapor deposition: a mixture of methane, hydrogen, and argon) on a PET substrate.

MST-NANO offers CVD-graphene on a PET substrate. The CVD method used to synthesize this high-quality graphene product results in more than 90% coverage of the graphene monolayer.


CVD graphene on PET is ideal for flexible and rigid touchscreen applications. Other possible applications include:

  • Energy electrodes such as solar cells, batteries, fuel cells, and supercapacitors
  • Lightweight composites for the automotive and aerospace industries
  • Heat dissipation for LED lighting
  • Gas and electromagnetic wave barriers
  • Biomedical applications
  • Transparent electrodes for flexible displays and touch screens

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Graphene 4x4cm (16cm2), Substrate 5x5cm
Graphene 2x2cm (4cm2), Substrate 3x3cm
Graphene 1x1cm (1cm2), Substrate 1,2×1,2cm

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Pet film 100um


Graphene 1x1cm (1cm2), Substrate 1,2×1,2cm, Graphene 2x2cm (4cm2), Substrate 3x3cm, Graphene 4x4cm (16cm2), Substrate 5x5cm